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Bob Georgeson, (BRIDES OF THE CHRIST) ...mmmm, 2010

Bob Georgeson, (BRIDES OF THE CHRIST) But it says here..., 2009

Bob Georgeson, (BRIDES OF THE CHRIST) Ecstasy, 2010
Bob Georgeson est un artiste australien d'inspiration Dada et surréaliste. A travers ses collages souvent provocateurs il interroge souvent les rapports de la religions avec l'érotisme et la sexualité.

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  1. Greetings and thank you for posting my work. It is an honour to be included among such an esteemed group of colleagues. I was also pleased to see the inclusion of Dusan Marek, who I was privileged to meet several times around 1967/68 in Adelaide, and who was a profound influence on my thinking. I am fortunate to have two of his works in my collection...

    The Brides of Christ series is not only about the relationship between religion and eroticism, but touches on the issues patriarchy, power and that point which is the intersection between reality and desire. I have updated my site lately and the link to the entire series is:

    For the past two years I have been mainly concentrating on video and online collaborations, but the influences remain the same. I am pleased that there is another person out there with such impeccable taste. I shall subscribe to your site and look forward to future posts as well as 'mining' the repository that you have established. Feel free to email at:

    Bob Georgeson

    1. Dear mister Georgeson,

      Thanks for the all those comments about your work I appreciate a lot. your précisions are important as far as Brises of Christ are concerned and i must admit that my presentation was too fast.

      Dusan Marek is for me a very important artist in surrealism and I like it's more figurative work such as landscapes near Adelaide. Can you please sent me pictures of his paintings to include in this page and the other one I have on FB (about DaDa surrealism and other avant-gardes) with the same name "les mamelles de Tirésias"

      Thanks for all and best regards from France

      Patrick Vincent